4 in 1 Bicycle Light


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          Name: Mobile Speaker Headlight

          Color: red/black/blue/orange

          Material: ABS

          Size: width 60MM * length 120MM

          Chuck range: 50-80MM (4-6.4 inch mobile phone)

          Use time: 6-12 hours

          Charging method: USB charging

          Charging time: 5 hours

          Battery capacity: 2000/4000 mAh

          Output voltage/current: 0.8A

          Headlight brightness: 400 lumens

          Lamp type: double T6 lamp beads highlight double lamp

          Light mode: strong light/low light/strobe

          Speaker decibel: 130 decibels

          Sound mode: 5 sound modes

          Mobile phone size requirements: 4-6.4 inch mobile phone


          The product package includes:

          1 * Horn light

          1 * Soft rubber gasket

          1 * Horn switch

          1 * Mounting bracket

          1 * USB charging cable


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